5th Annual Jackson Arts Showcase!

5th Annual Jackson Arts Showcase!

  • September 19, 2011
  • Frank

The 5th Annual Jackson Arts Showcase is upon us once again!

Saturday, September 24th from 5-11pm at The Commons at Eudora Welty’s Birthplace on Congress Street.

A free family arts event!

Each year Jackson artists come together to present a cross section of the Jackson arts scene to the community. Everyone donates their time free of charge in order to offer this unique cultural event to the community for no admission. Guests will be treated to poetry, a variety of dance styles, stand-up comedy, a variety of musical genres, skateboarding, and visual art fare of sculpture, prints, painting, graffiti and more! We even have free food from area restaurants like Aladdin’s and The Pizza Shack!

There is no event like this in the state of Mississippi.

Below is a list of our participants!

Visual Artists:
Daniel Johnson
Emily Mathis
Jonathan Sims
Tony Davenport
Chaucy Wade
Austin Richardson
Chelsea Sekanic
Sean Starwars
Eric McDonald
Armando State
Gretchen Haien
Michele Cambell
Pam Kinsey
Laurilyn Fortner
Parish Harvey
Ben Thomas
Nate Robertson
Ginger Williams-Cook
Roy Adkins

Musical Artists:
Bullet Well Spent
Da Astronauts
Red Phones
Rashad Street
Marcel P. Black
DJ Repercussion

The Ugly Poet
Talibah Smith
Poet Williams
Poet of Truth
Merc B
Renee Lee
Mr. Fluid
Subject Verb Predicate
Skipp Coon
Coke Bumaye
Honey Sanaa
Bob Hudson

1. Front Porch Dance
2. Intersect Dance Collective
3. Belhaven University Dance Ensemble
4. Duncan Dance/ a modern dance company
5. Power APAC dancers
6. Brittany Nunes
7. Phase 1

Intellectual Bullemics comedy group will be featured on the main stage.

SkateMS will have ramps, rails and boxes setup to skate. Bring your boards!

Phaze 1 will host a graffiti contest!