BR, LA Skatepark Day Trip

BR, LA Skatepark Day Trip

  • October 30, 2010
  • Austin

What an EXTREME day it was dodging the bikes, scooters, fruitbooters, and whatever other contraptions showed up for the day. Frank, Will J. and I headed on out early in the morning at 40 degrees only to get there to 80 degree weather. We stripped the jackets and extra clothing to sweat the day out. Then we hit lunch at Extreme Pita! Then skated it out until almost dark only to head home and dodge the Trick or Treaters.

Austin, Frontside 5-0 in the flowbowl corner

Doug, Rock-2-Fakie

Frank tries to crail the corner, fails, but almost succeeds in thrashing Will with his big-boy board

Local shows us his skills with his blunt to fakie trickery

Frank 50-50 in 5ft bowl