Burned out in Oxford

Burned out in Oxford

  • November 23, 2010
  • Austin

Almost every weekend we have been driving somewhere out of town to skate. We chose Oxford this weekend with discussions of burnout from all the traveling of the past months. Leaving early and coming back late with the rule to try to skate as long as the round-trip drive takes. At this point I can’t tell you if Oxford was any different or not, but I will say it was a blast to hang out with some of the Oxford crew and watch them ride. Some of the kids we have met in the past coming through Oxford progressing quite nicely throughout the years.

Although these trips as of lately have become business meeting between Frank and I discussing what next steps we need to take to have one or more of these concrete art pieces closer us.

Wrex Cook one-handing this tweaker!

We gave this kid a ride back to his house a few years ago and then we wouldn't even roll near the bowl, now he isn't afraid to grind the blocks.

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