Figment Jackson!!

Figment Jackson!!

  • February 14, 2012
  • Frank

The new Jackson Figment site just launched and posted up a call to artists. Check it out and join up. You don’t want skatems showin you how to art.

You can check out last years figment on flickr.

Call for Participation:

Founded in 2007 on New York City’s Governors Island, what began as a few thousand enthusiasts enjoying a handful of participatory art projects on a sunny July afternoon has ballooned into a multi-day, multi-city event that drew over 30,000 participants in NYC, Boston, Jackson and Detroit in 2011. In 2012, FIGMENT seeks to continue its mission to offer free, inclusive and participatory art to entire communities, removing the barriers of museum and gallery walls and entrance fees and blurring the lines between those who create and those who enjoy art.
FIGMENT Jackson will take place in the Midtown Arts District. With a variety of buildings and vacant lots 4 acres, the site can accommodate practically any artistic vision. The Midtown Arts District is located in the North Midtown neighborhood, with its central node at Millsaps Avenue and its boundaries expanding as the participants require. The city and neighborhood have plans to redevelop much of the area, and we see FIGMENT as a way to bring the vitality of art and collaboration to the area’s future.

FIGMENT is about participation. Precisely because it requires interaction between the art, the artist, and the viewer, participatory art can be a vehicle for personal and social transformation. The passive viewer is made active, contributing to the creation, understanding and very definition of the art. These activities bring together artists and community members in ways that build relationships and encourage individual creativity. We believe visitors of all ages and backgrounds have something to offer, and invite them to participate in installation art, costuming, interactive performance, games, activities, workshops, and anything else the mind can envision.