Is it raining giraffes?

Is it raining giraffes?

  • December 13, 2010
  • Austin

Chad Roderick launches a frontsy from the corner to the flatbank.

From what I am told you can own giraffe in your yard if you have the amount of land and permits, atleast that was the conversation we had on our Saturday trip to skate the park in Petal hoping the rain would hold off…

Matthew Russell crookie on the ledge out of the bank.

Top 5 reasons to have your own giraffe are as follows…
1. They are quite
2. They will keep your tree branches pruned and your power lines clear.
3. They can be leased to the city for free leaf and branch removal.
4. Can be easily fitted with helmet cams for security and crowd control.
5. Can be as a neighborhood tourist attraction.

Austin Cannon banging this 5-0 around the corner all day.

The negatives are:
1. Poop cleanup, which has got to be much larger than my german shepard.
2. Constant badgering of neighbors wanting to see/touch it
3. People stopping around your house to see the giraffe at all time of day and night.
4. Mental Mississippi hunters thinking it would be their only chance to hunt this poor creature in your yard. I don’t think they would be quick enough or smart enough to duck.

Gnar Dog skate shop located in the entrance of the skatepark.

I am sure there are more in both sides but I am too lazy to research anymore about it…

Petal Skatepark Panorama

This kid walked into the skatepark with this gem and didn't even know what he was really skating. What a shame!

Frank Henn got his kickflip overnighted just in time to make it up the step-up.

Alston Evans carves it rich around the deep end.

All photos and video by Tate Nations.