Jackson, MS Skatepark

Jackson, MS Skatepark

  • November 3, 2010
  • Austin

Kids need fresh air.

Skateboarding is a sport. It keeps millions of kids off the couch and out of trouble. But central Mississippi’s kids have no place to skate – at least no place safe.

We are just getting started, but we hope to build public skate parks throughout Mississippi. The wheels are in motion and grants are being written. But we need grassroots support in all our communities. Please take a second to sign our online petitions. Or if you’d like to offer more direct support, please contact us with your information.

Please input your real information, the signature doesn't mean much if you only give your internet handle and a fake address. Thanks for your support!

After submitting the information for the petition, please remember to confirm you submission with the email you submitted so that the signatures show up on the site. Also if you have any ideas or specifics you would like to help with feel free to go to: www.skatems.com/contact and tell us how you can help.

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