KOJ 2013 is Over!

KOJ 2013 is Over!

  • April 15, 2013
  • Austin


Brazen Skateboards wins King of Jackson 2013! Congrats to all of those guys for their hard work and for their team for having the Overall MVP Ernie Hucke with 807 points.

Special Mention to Chop Shop for their creativity of the challenges… Garner from Rufus for ability to wear almost no clothes being the top ranker by far on the Daisy Duke challenge, being not only in the Rufus clips, but most of the other team’s videos as well.

Thanks to Tate Nations for being such a great sport about the birthday prank call and for all the amazing photos!!! You sir never stop surprising me with your abilities! If you didn’t get your photo from Tate you missed out!

Thanks to all the Mystery guest and Tour Guides.. you guys made it happen!

I am sure I have forgotten people… I’m sorry but you are awesome as well!

Can’t forget all the sponsors:
Flip Skateboards, Rufus Skates, Jett Design & Build, Wooden Heart Skateshop & Brazen Skateboards.

Team Points:
1st / Brazen – 1861 (Winners)
2nd / Durtbags – 1856
3rd / Rufus – 1715
4th / Chop Shop – 1355
5th / Wooden Heart – 1349
6th / Bat crew – 1110
7th / All is love – 826
8th / MoFos – 782
9th / Trunk Boyz – 395