Starkville Skatepark Project

Starkville Skatepark Project

  • January 25, 2011
  • Frank

The Starkville Skatepark Project was recently started by a non profit organization called The O’nan Project for Change. Meagan O’nan began the project by talking to a few city counsel members as well as the parks commission and then getting together the local skaters, bikers, and anyone else interested in the project.

The city has chosen three locations for the park which they are currently debating over. Depending on the location that is chosen there is a possibility of the park project including a new roller hockey/roller derby rink. This would be great for the community as well as the skatepark because then there would be more people working together to make it all happen. The group meets up at least once a month to discuss any news that has come up and to exchange ideas as well as plan fundraisers.

There are currently two fundraisers in the works. One will be on April 15th at the Starkville Sportsplex and will include live music and much much more. The other fundraiser is this Saturday from noon till dark at the Starkville Community Market which is on the corner of Lampkin and Jackson street. There will boxes, rails, kickers and possibly a quarterpipe to skate or ride, hot dogs and hamburgers to eat, music to enjoy and a donation box for anyone who wants to support the cause.

If anyone wants more information about whats going on with the park check out one of our facebook pages at:

Here’s more information about the event this weekend go to

or email Nathan Herring at