Weathering the cold for Skatepark Support

Weathering the cold for Skatepark Support

  • November 19, 2010
  • Austin

I am going to call last night at Fondren Unwrapped a success! Starting early in the evening the table was setup and Chane was kind enough to let us setup in front of the store. With a borrowed table, mannequin bust (Rockin’ the Kids need fresh air. t-shirt), some skateboard wheel shaped chocolate chip cookies, a lot of spirit and our volunteers the night was ours for the taking.  We sold 38 t-shirts and got around 408 signatures on the petition… We have two lines for awhile with people wanting to sign the petition, buy a t-shirt, take a card or just to inquire what we were trying to do.

Photo by Ed Inman

As it got close to 10 in the PM cops starting to announce that it was time to pack up to others, as my toes were starting to freeze, we began packing up and counting the petition pages. I just can’t get over the turnout and support we had… Last night shows that we have people interested in helping and it is great to see so many positive comments on what we are trying to do. Thanks to all who came out and to the volunteers for all your help.

We still have some t-shirts left, mostly only large. If you are interested please contact us and I am sure we can meet up for one. Also bring $10.00 so you can wear one or more of these Awesome T-shirts and display your support!

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