• November 10, 2010
  • Austin

This is will be a continuing throughout the existance of the site, but I wanted to let everyone know just in case.

Contact Form
Contact form wasn’t working over the weekend, but it is now. We have gotten several requests and we are working through them as we can.

Social Media
I have added a Facebook “Like” & Twitter counter to the post and pages of the site. Feel free to “Like” and Twitter away. I will be adding our Facebook and Twitter pages to the site at some point, but until then.


We appreciate all the people who have signed the petition so far… You are all very supportive and we thank you all! I have gotten a couple of requests to add a counter to the petition, but alas that can’t happen at this moment, but I will give updates to the status of the petition.
233 people have signed the petition, but only 133 have confirmed their signatures.

Be sure when you sign the petition, if you don’t receive the confirmation email to check your spam email.

We thank you for all your support and keep it coming!